February 10, 2009

Make that “the award-winning FilmFather”…

THE GUYS over at Kindertrauma have bestowed FilmFather with a prestigious Premio Dardo Award!

I’ve seen this award defined on other blogs as such:
This award shows the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, literal, ethical and personal values every day.

To give out this award, a blogger picks five blogs they think meet the criteria above. They then list these five blogs, each with a small summary and link. Then each of those blogs must pick five blogs for their own Premio Dardoset cetry, et cetry, et cetry.

After much deliberation, I’ve come down to these five as my Premio Dardo recipients – a decent cross-section of dad blogs and movie blogs:

Sleep Deprivation Ninja
From the minute I saw his blog header, I was hooked. Follow the exploits of the Sleep Deprivation Ninja, a shadowy figure dealing with life as the father of a baby girl (Code Name Alice). You never know what to expect from this stealth, sleep-deprived assassin: He could be describing his latest ninja mission, relaying a story from his youth (“Ninja As Child”), or delivering a five-finger punch to your heart with some endearing prose about his little Alice. In between, marvel at some ninja haiku or the 100-word challenge.

Luke, I Am Your Father
A long time ago (not really), in a galaxy far, far away (well, Seattle)...there lives James, with his wife and their little boy Lukas. Great writing, cute pics and vids, stories you can relate to as a parent…and who doesn’t love a good Star Wars tie-in? (DC Urban Dad also gave this blog a Premio Dardo [just two days before I did], so that must really say something about its greatness.)

I have to wipe his what?
Follow the adventures of left-coaster, new parent, and stay-at-home dad Surfer Jay as he raises his son, Mr. Pants, and debates with his woman Lilly about whether to add to their offspring. Jay’s amazingly honest about how exhausting and frustrating new parenthood can be, and he often says what other fathers feel but don’t have the cojones to put out there. Also includes amazing photography of Mr. Pants, taken by Jay himself.

Stale Popcorn
I just discovered this blog yesterday, and I like what I see. Stale Popcorn is a UK blog featuring movie news, reviews, contests, trailers, and more. Their writing style is right up my alley.

Cultra Rare Videos (RIP)
Technically not a blog, but I had to share it with you. Cultra Rare Videos provides free downloads of rare cult, exploitation, and “guilty pleasure” movies, mostly from the ‘70s and early ‘80s and none of them available on DVD. If you grew up during that era and miss the nostalgia of VHS tapes, you have to check this out. The movies are .avi files; to view them easily, download a free VLC player (like I did) here: PC or Mac


Keith said...

Congrats! I'm really happy for you. I had received this award for both of my blogs. I was thrilled about it myself. I really enjoy your blog. I definitely think you deserve it.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Thanks Film Father! So that is what it is called.

Gemma said...

Congratulations! You are MOST deserving.

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