July 27, 2009


FilmFather has been pirated!

Technically, I’ve been plagiarized. (I must still have pirate on the brain after my last review.)

Thanks to my Google Alert, I found out that someone had taken my original review of Fired Up, doctored my words, and published it on their blog as their own.

After seeing this, my emotions went from anger…to disbelief…to amusement. I mean, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

I’m not going to link to the offender’s page; they doesn’t deserve the clicks. But here’s what I can surmise about my plagiarized piece:

• It’s posted on a very popular student blog service (confirmed by my teacher wife).
• Based on the horrific, largely nonsensical rewrite – and some of the Arabic on their page – my guess is that they took my review, translated it into Arabic, then translated it back to English.

The results of that translation are quite comical. Here are some of my favorite rewrites at the offending blog (let’s call it ShmilmFather), compared to what I originally wrote:

FilmFather: Nick (Eric Christian Olsen) is the star quarterback and resident horndog at his high school.
ShmilmFather: Nick (Eric Christian Olsen) is the role quarterback and occupant horndog at his heinous religious order.

FilmFather: But I was happily surprised at how much it made me not only smile, but chuckle often and laugh out loud more than once.
ShmilmFather: But I was cheerily surprised at how much it made me not but grin, but snigger generally and shrug isolated beside the headland exhausted stentorian more than directly.

FilmFather: I don’t know why Fired Up didn’t do better at the box office.
ShmilmFather: I don’t have consciousness of why Fired Up didn’t do less bad at the sock firm.

FilmFather: The marketing campaign didn’t do it any favors, selling it as a raunchy sex romp – and releasing it in February (the burial ground for bad films) was a mistake.
ShmilmFather: The marketing operations didn’t do it any favors, selling it as a raunchy f**king [my edit] romp - and releasing it in February (the interment justification an eye to evil-doer films) was a misjudge.

FilmFather: He was the only good thing in 2004’s Cellular (where I first noticed him), and he’s got the looks and acting skills to play the likeable a-hole to perfection.
ShmilmFather: He was the but benefit junk in 2004’s Cellular (where I influential noticed him), and he’s got the looks and acting skills to contrivance for heyday the friendly a-hole to pre-eminence.

Oh well…I’m far enough removed from this to laugh about it now. I did send a comment to the blogger (no email address was available), informing them of their violation of my copyright – a comment they promptly deleted the next day. The offending page is still up.


JLG said...

Sorry that happened to you! But at least you got some funny material for a post. Hilarious!

Retro Hound said...

I had a blog shut down by it's ISP for hijacking my stuff. Not just my stuff, but that's all his blog was, hijacked stuff from around the net. It cost about 1/2 hour on the phone. I don't know how often I'll do that, but I was pretty riled.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Wow, the gall of those kids, If that is what they are.

Anyway, I agree. Turned into funny stuff for this post.

Surfer Jay said...

heinous religious order.... Thats classic. And a box office is now a sock firm...hrmmmm, maybe he was thinking of the xxx box office.

Kathy B. said...

Sue the bast@#!* !!
I think he was also using a thesaurus - heehee.

Gemma said...

Ohmigosh! Those rewrites were really hilarious! I can't believe people hijack blog material. The criminals! I hope you get him/her shut down. But, look on the bright side---you must be REALLY famous!

Raymond said...

I just don't seen the point of doing a blog if you can't even write your own material.

Keith said...

Wow! I'm sorry this happened to you, but at least you could get a laugh out of it. It did make for quite an interesting post.

Brian H said...

Holy cow.

Or should I say "Most esteemed bovine that is full of holiness and junket car love".

Geof said...

That is terrible! Sorry it happened but your post is hilarious. Not that I think I am the Shakespeare of blogging, but I would love to figure out how to do Google Alerts and nab thieves. I mean if you stealing from my blog, then you have serious, serious problems.

Jay Amabile said...

ugh. It makes me angry that this happens all the time. All the hard work we put into writing and maintaining our sites and these people go and do shitty things like that.


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